Dog Supplies
We carry different types of dog food, including Science Diet, Wellness, Natures Variety, Taste of the Wild, Blue Buffalo, Natural Balance, and Orijen.  We also have a limited amount of dog treats including bully sticks, cow ears, and bones.

We have a limited supply of dog toys, bowls, products and clothes to fit every dogs and puppies' personality.

We are CLOSING this locations and EVERYTHING is on sale.  As if 11/16/20, all food items start at 20% off.  Coats and clothing items 1/2 off.  All toys start at 30% off.  All fish items start at 50% off.  Lots of used equipment in all depts.  40 gal used breeder tanks are $25.  
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Our Dogs
All of our puppies are Micro-chipped, current on shots, and have a 14 day health guarantee. The puppies are checked by our local vet shortly after arrival. Due to Covid-19, there has been a shortage of availability if puppies.

Available in the Store as of: 11/016/20

Sold out!!  We will not be getting more pups in until last spring at the earliest. Everything in the store is on sale as we are closing this location. Only a few weeks left to save up to 80% in all departments. 

Pawz and Clawz Pet Store in Windham, Maine has the following:

 Havatese, Pomeranians, Pekingese and Toy Poodle

Store Hours 9:00am - 6:30pm daily     Closed Wednesdays

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Our Puppies